When it comes to quenchingthirst,it's 'JiaaCool'

Dr. RamVermaisthe brain behind JiaaCool.
He is a well known doctor from Hissar and has a massive knowledge about food and beverages industry.

He is a firm believer of the 'Make in India' movement, and through Jiaa Cool he wants to provide business opportunities to everyone.

We are raising our selves as one of the best-seling brands in smoothies,shakes and coolers.

With the help of multi-level marketing model,he wants to provide franchise opportunities and deliver the same taste acrossIndia.

Dr. Ram is a firm believer that people just need guidance and a right direction. You just have to work initially and then the business will work for you.

Our aim is to provide an experience by making JiaaCool a great taste of young India.

Dr. Ram invented a concept that linked MLM and food chain business with a motto of giving 100% value and satisfaction to its customers.

As he comes with a massive experience of food and beverages business.

Our Mission

Jiaa Cool wants to reach out to everyone in the cities and rural India

With the 'Make in India' movement prevelant in India, we want to provide a wonderful opportunity to everyone who dreams to run their own business.

Especially,the youth who are the driving force of your country.

Our Vision

We want to inculcate a habit of healthy living

Take Jiaa Cool to greater heights. We intend to open thousand of outlets across India by the end of 2025.

This is possible by joining hands with the youth of India. They are the ones who contribute in the development of our nation.

We want to actively participate in nation's progress.

Our Values