JIAA COOL is a big project like Ola, Uber, Paytm, Swigggy, Oyo, which will work through the app. While all these apps are service providers, there is a comprehensive employment provider.

In these apps, you have to call for your needs, while JIAA COOL has been designed at the share & earn concept, where once the earnings started, it will continue for a lifetime.

In essence, with the second app, where you join for some time and after finishing your work with you, Jiaa cool  plays with you throughout your life,

Network marketing in India, has provided employment to many people and today direct sell market has reached 10591 crores.

if direct sell is merged with food zone history will be created, after thorough  market research jiaa cool has come up with a business strategy where each person will be able to start business with a very small investment, jiaa cool has introduced a referral plan whose module is share and earn.

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Our Mission

Jiaa Cool wants to reach out to every one in the cities and rural India

With the 'Make in India' movement prevelant in India, we want to provide a wonderful opportunity to every one who dreams to run theirownbusiness.

Especially, the youth who are the driving force of your country.

Our Vision

We want to inculcate a habit of healthy living

Take Jiaa Cool to greater heights. We intend to open thousand of outlets across India by the end of 2025.

This is possible by joining hands with the youth of India. They are the ones who contribute in the development of our nation.

We want to actively participate in nation's progress.

Our Values


OUR products

Feel the real taste with our products. We offer high quality and tasty food and drinks variations.